If Everyday Was Halloween

Imagine if everyday was Halloween.
If everyday was Halloween, we wouldn’t have to swim through another 24 hours, dressed in the costume we were each provided upon entry into this world.
The costume we had no hand in choosing.
Why be a hobo if you don’t want to be?
Why be a witch if you don’t want to be?
If everyday was Halloween, we could be whomever we want, whenever we want.
And since everyone else is dressing up, you wouldn’t have to worry about being judged. Laughed at. Mocked on the streets.
Sure, the Grumpys will be around. The Grumpys are always around.
If  everyday was Halloween, we would surely outnumber the grumpys.
Then the grumpys would stay at home, in the dark, and never answer their doors.
We would know where the grumpys live, so we wouldn’t bother them. But we always welcome the Grumpys.
Imagine if everyday was Halloween.
We would see vampires, werewolves, firefighters, ghosts, ghouls, wizards, queens and kings.
If everyday was Halloween we’d all be kings.


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Magritte. <3 (Taken with Instagram)

Magritte. <3 (Taken with Instagram)

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